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The Importance of Pruning: Protecting Your Plants and Property

Jun. 15, 2021

Pruning is an excellent method of preventive maintenance, both for young and mature plants. A regular pruning schedule protects your plants, home and property from injury, pests and damage. It is an important part of a long-term maintenance strategy.

Benefits of pruning

Promotes plant health

Pruning removes dead and dying branches and root stock, making room for new growth and protecting your property and passersby from damage. It also discourages pests and animal infestations and promotes the natural form and healthy growth of plants.

Garden Tree Branch Pruner

 Garden Tree Branch Pruner

Maintaining Plants and Landscapes

Pruning promotes healthy fruit and flower production in trees and shrubs. Regular pruning develops hedge aesthetics and maintains the proportions and density of evergreens. This type of maintenance supports the planned layout and appearance of your property by controlling plant size and shape.


Protect your family and property

Regular pruning reduces the risk of storms damaging tree limbs and breaking structures. Protect your family and friends from falling branches on sidewalks, driveways and children's play areas. This practice also helps control pests, vermin and snakes by reducing habitat selection.

Why choose garden tree branch pruners? 

Pole pruners are a curious tool that has the cutting power of a manual pruning shear, but up to 8 feet or more. You can use them when you need to cut small things that are out of reach.


Unless you're a perfectionist who can't stand leaving a bit of dead wood everywhere on tall plants and vines, you won't use these very often at all and probably won't need to buy them. However, if you do decide you need to make small cuts high above your head, having pole pruners can save you from uncomfortable work on a ladder.


Though easier and safer to use than its cousin the pole saw (since pruners can only cut much smaller wood), pole pruners must still be used cautiously. You are cutting smaller wood, but the wood bounces or sails around and falls less vertically than heavy wood. And you are looking up. No twig is so small that it can’t poke your eye.


Note: Never, ever, ever work near power lines or on branches with any part above a power line.

Garden Tree Branch Pruner

 Garden Tree Branch Pruner

Choosing a Pole Pruner

Fiberglass poles are 40 percent the weight of wood poles and are preferable. It is easy to find one with a telescoping option to lengthen between 7 and 14 feet long or so. 

Garden tree branch pruner with aluminum extension pole, the pole size is 12 feet/18 feet/20 feet/24 fee. It can finish cutting with a diameter of 4cm(1.6 inch),and the maximum diameter of the saw blade is 20cm(8 inch). With SKS steel blade and 65 Mn steel Saw-blade. It allows personnel to complete the pruning of high-branch trees while standing on the ground,so the tree branch cutting pruner with extendable pole can bring enough convenience and safety . Its pulley block draw rope design can be very labor-saving. If you want to get more information about the best tree branch cutting pruner wholesale price, welcome to contact us.


When to Use a Pole Pruner

Pole pruners offer you just one thing: a long reach. Their cost is the unwieldiness and uncertainty of an 8-foot-long pole you need to carry around. Only in a few cases, and based on your personal preference, can they be used to make a job easier. These are a few examples just to get you thinking:


Minor pruning on trees. Thinning the new growth at the edges of a mature tree is the supposed main job for pole pruners, but in practice, it is very slow work to do with pole pruners. If it weren’t, professional orchardists wouldn’t use such big ladders.

Trunk cleanup. Mature trees will occasionally sprout epicormic growth from their trunks; honey locust especially likes to do this. Alternately, you may at times need to down pull all or part of a vine climbing a tree.

Tidying high on trellises. When you need to tidy up climbers such as clematis, trumpet creepers, and some roses, you might like to use a pole pruner. If you didn’t have a spotter to work with you, that would be another good reason to use pole pruners.

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