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The Benefits Of Water Fed Pole Systems

May. 25, 2021

Traditional window cleaning usually entails a ladder, a squeegee and a cloth to get the job done, but over time our methods have developed for best practice and optimum results. The traditional way took a lot of effort and time that was wasted up and down the ladders constantly, and can cause a lot of physical strain, and then along came the water fed pole system.


Water fed pole window cleaning has revolutionised how window cleaning can be carried out, not only does it save a lot of time, it also almost always provides a better finish, if not the same quality. In this post the telescopic rod supplier is exploring the many benefits of the water fed pole systems.


You can't put a price on safety, and with a water pole system, you ensure that the safety of yourself and your employees is paramount. It's obviously much safer for you and your colleagues to work from the ground, avoiding many of the risks associated with climbing ladders all day.

Water Fed Pole

 Water Fed Pole

Easy to use

Using a water pole system may sound daunting if you've been using traditional methods for years, but relaxing it is actually much easier than you might think. It completely simplifies the process of window cleaning and it's easy to learn the techniques needed to use these systems.



As mentioned earlier in the post, traditional methods can put a huge strain on your energy and physical health when going up and down ladders and stretching to clean hard-to-reach areas throughout the day. Water supply pole systems are much less physically demanding, eliminating the need to carry buckets full of water everywhere. Modern water pole systems are designed to be light in weight.

All weather

Unlike other methods that may be unsafe in certain weather conditions, water supply pole systems can be used in almost all weather. Thanks to the use of retractable poles, no ladders are required at all, making water supply pole systems ideal for rainy days.


WINDOWS stays cleaner longer

The water supply rod system uses purified water to improve results by removing dust and dirt that accumulate on window panes. Due to the purification of the water, they are not dissolved solids, which benefits the windows by having a soft but cleaner finish on the windows.


If you are interested in our commercial window cleaning services using water pole systems, we are happy to answer any questions and assist you with all your commercial premises window cleaning needs.


The water fed pole is a method of window cleaning that is getting more and more popular here in the Okanagan area. The idea gained traction in Europe due to the fact that the safety laws for ladders were a lot more strict, and window cleaners were forced to innovate in order to get hard to reach windows without using a ladder.


How does it work?

The water fed pole (or tucker pole) is a long extendable pole (usually made from carbon fiber) that has a soft bristle brush on the end. Water is fed up through the pole to the brush and out onto the window.


How is that different from using the hose to clean the windows?

Since most tap water contains invisible particles, when tap water dries on glass it usually creates visible water spots. However, by using a specialized filtration system to run the water through, we are able to remove all of these dissolved solids from the water. Then once the water is pure, we are able to use professional water fed poles to scrub and rinse windows up to 6 stories high, leaving behind nothing but a spot free shine!

If you want to know about the wholesale best water fed pole price, welcome to contact us.



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