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New Year's Cleaning Glass cCeaning Tips

Jan. 15, 2021

Now less than a month away from the New Year, basically many people know that before the New Year when the home must be a side of the cleaning, not only to scrub the home table and chairs floor, even the windows usually do not notice to clean up clearly once, but in fact, many people think that wipe the glass is a very headache thing, basically many people think that every time you wipe the windows are to Climbing up and down, it is really very uncomfortable, so there is no good way to help us solve this problem? Let's take a look!

In fact, if you want to wipe the glass clean, and wipe the glass water also has a great relationship, generally many people will just add a little detergent in the water to wipe the glass and then wipe with a rag or a cleaning cloth, but this is actually meaningless, because the dust and detergent foam still remains on the glass, and so on after drying or the same dirty.

In fact, wipe the glass is not a problem, you can add 4-5 spoons of edible salt in water, and then stir well, and then pour in beer and white vinegar, the ratio is about 3:1, and then stir well on it, after wiping the glass with this water, there will be no residue of detergent foam, and edible salt and white vinegar can sterilize dust, and organic nutrients in the beer can be a good protection for the glass, so that the glass is not easy to accumulate dust.


Carbon fiber telescopic extension pole, with comfortable spongy Handle and all kinds of thread like American/Germany,ltalyl/etc.The pole materal is 50% carbon fiber in black, with the smooth tutbe wall is easy to use, also it looks more textured and full f luster.Because the thickness of the tube wall has reached the industry-leading 0.85/1m, it has enough toughness and length/lightweight,so it is widely used in window cdeaning.ts role is multifunctional, people usually use it for window cleaning)solar panel ceaning, such as the telescopic pole with water flow through brush. It is a durable and very reliable extendable pole.The structural design of the telescoping pole focuses on pursuing simplicity, and all parts are reinforced, so the failure rate of the product is very low.

 Glass Cleaning Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole

Glass cleaning carbon fiber telescopic pole

The glass cleaning telescopic pole is mainly used for cleaning higher glass and glass curtain walls, and is used with glass scrapers and water spreader.


Made of carbon fiber material ,it is divided into two parts, the head and the pole. There are two, three or more sections.The length ranges from 1.2 meters to 9meters. It can be stretched, shortened, and is convenient to use and carry.


Install the glass scraper on the telescopic rod head(the rod head has its own hread for easy disassembly and assembly) , and adjut the telescopic rod to a dlosedlength (the telescopic rod is equipped with a locking device for each section), and it is ready to use.

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