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Why Choose to buy Telescopic Pole?

Dec. 15, 2020

The telescopic pole has successfully turned countless spaces into practical and full storage space. How to use the telescopic pole? Is it good to use? Where to buy? Today the telescopic rod supplier will tell you the correct way to open the telescopic rod.


1. How to use a single telescopic pole

In most cases, the telescopic rod is used as a wire. When the wire is used, it can increase the efficiency of the vertical space. A single telescopic rod is a line, and a rod is supported between two fixed surfaces and can be used with a hook.

For example, under the mirror cabinet, bottled items with nozzles can be hung directly on the telescopic rod, which improves the efficiency of the space and also gives a "place" for irregular bottled liquids.

There are many small objects in the kitchen. The wall space can be fully utilized by using telescopic rods + hooks (PS: the load-bearing problem of the telescopic rod must be considered), and the kitchen tools are instantly neat and orderly and convenient Take.

2. How to use multiple telescopic poles 

More than 2 telescopic rods can support a plane or be used as a partition area. The two telescopic rods are equivalent to a telescopic plate, which can be moved into a line by jog and a surface by the line.

For example, the use of two telescopic rods in the wardrobe increases the layering and expands the vertical space. The wallet and the lower bag are layered and stored so that they are easy to hold.

In the narrow and deep space of the washing machine storage cabinet, a few small telescopic rods are used as horizontal supports to form a flat laminate, which can instantly double the storage space.

Aluminum Telescopic Poles

Advantages of aluminum telescopic rod

1. Anticorrosion

The surface of the aluminum tube is anodized, so the telescopic rod has a good effect, and it looks more textured and shiny.

2. Multifunctional

It is usually used for household cleaning, window scrapers, light changers, hook extensions, drawers, wardrobes, kitchens, etc. to divide storage space.

3. Durable

The aluminum telescopic pole is a durable and very reliable telescopic pole. The original design of the grooved tube wall prevents the rod from rotating during use. The structural design of the telescopic rod focuses on simplicity, and all components are reinforced, so the failure rate of the product is very low.

If you want to get more information about good quality telescopic poles, please contact us.

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