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When to Use a Pole Pruner?

Aug. 27, 2021

Pole pruners are a curious tool that has the cutting power of a manual pruning shear, but up to 8 feet or more. You can use them when you need to cut small things that are out of reach. Having pole pruners can save you from uncomfortable work on a ladder. Here you'll learn some examples of the number of times you might use pruning shears, as well as some tips on how to use them safely and without overworking your hands.


Select pole pruning shears

The following recommendations regarding pole pruners.


Make sure the head is drop cast or forged metal, not weaker steel.

The kind attached to a bicycle chain with a string is best.

Fiberglass poles are preferred as they are 40% of the weight of wooden poles. It's easy to find a telescoping option with a telescopic tree pruner that will extend about 7 to 14 feet.

Telescopic Tree Pruner

 Telescopic Tree Pruner

When to use pole pruners?

Tree pruners offer you only one thing: long distances. Their cost is the bulk and uncertainty of the 8-foot pole you need to carry around. Only in a few cases, depending on your personal preference, can they be used to make the job easier. These are some examples, just to get you thinking.


Performing a small amount of pruning on a tree. Pruning new growth from the edges of mature trees is the main job of pole pruners, but in practice, work with pole pruners is very slow. Otherwise, professional orchardists wouldn't use such a large ladder.

Tree trunk cleaning. Mature trees occasionally sprout large trees from their trunks; acacias are particularly fond of this. Or, you may sometimes need to pull all or part of a climbing vine downward.


Tidy up high places on a raised stand. You may like to use pruning shears when you need to tidy up climbing plants such as clematis, trumpet vines and some roses. If you don't have an observer working with you, that would be another good reason to use pole pruning shears.

Telescopic Tree Pruner

 Telescopic Tree Pruner

Pole pruning, a universal technique

When it comes to using this tool, you will naturally think of it. Instead of a step-by-step approach, remember the following. If cutting branches, stand to one side rather than directly below. If cutting small wood, you can get underneath it, but don't look up while cutting. Or wear safety goggles. This is never a bad idea. Wear work gloves to prevent rope burns. Even cheap cotton gloves can make a big difference.

Wrap the rope around your palm once, then hold your fist tightly before cutting. Now you don't have to hold the rope tightly in your hands to get a strong pull. Don't try to cut anything too big (more than 1/2 inch thick). Sometimes you'll be tempted, but it won't work, and it's no fun to embed the blade in dense wood. It's hard to pull out, and now you've left a gash in the live wood.

Cut as you would with a hand pruner, but don't go crazy trying to cut precisely at one node at a time; it's too hard. Insert the branch deep into the bend of the pole pruner head where the cutting action occurs, then pull the cord to make the cut.

Let us help you find the best telescopic tree pruner for your project. When you contact us, please provide your detailed requirements. That will help us give you a valid quotation.

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