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Understanding Telescopic Poles

Nov. 03, 2020

Store "artifact" tags,it's not random,something that can be called a "true storage artifact".It must be like this.

First of all, this thing can adapt to many different scenarios. The kitchen can be used, the bathroom can be used, the balcony can be used

Secondly, this thing has more than one storage function. Can bend and stretch, can be horizontal and vertical, can hang and put.

Among them is the telescopic rod.It looks ugly, and the price is only a few dollars, which can play a big role.It is not only beautiful but also practical, and maximizes every inch of space in the home.

Whether it is the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, the telescopic rod can not only assist in storage and organization, the biggest advantage is that it can be combined with different spaces, and it can be disassembled at any time without nails and rivets.

Is the telescopic rod useful? how to use? What are the precautions? It's worth talking about systematically.

What is a telescopic pole?

The telescopic rod, as the name suggests, is a hollow cylindrical rod that can be extended and retracted.

Classification of telescopic rods

From the material point of view: there are metal (mostly stainless steel) and plastic (mostly ABS industrial plastic).

Metal rods are more suitable for load-bearing than plastic rods, but plastic rods are more flexible and compact, and each has its own advantages.

From the structure point of view: there are spring type, screw type (jack type).

The spring type is very light and easy to install, suitable for lighter weight items.

The screw type has a certain weight, so the operation is more troublesome, but the load-bearing capacity is very strong, suitable for hanging curtains, coats and other heavy objects.

Telescopic Pole

Principle of telescopic rod

As for the principle, the stainless steel telescopic rods are mostly pressurized by spirals, while the plastic ones are pressurized by springs. In simple terms, they are:

Support at both ends, because of the built-in pressure device, relying on the wall to squeeze the spring, you can stand between the two planes.

Therefore, based on the principle problem, the telescopic rod also has two disadvantages:

1. The walls on both sides must be firm;

2. Don't bear too much weight.

Installation method of telescopic pole

The middle body of the spring-type telescopic rod is a steel tube, and the two ends are non-slip rubber heads, which can be turned out as long as needed.

Like this, gently twist out,Since the wall pressure will press it in, it should be noted that the actual length of the elongated rod is 3-5 cm wider than the wall distance.

Put the rubber head on the thick rod on the wall where you need to install, grab the other end with both hands and press it toward the thick rod. At this time, the spring in the rod will contract and naturally shorten, and you can move the other end to the desired position. The installation position is up, and then let go, the installation is complete.

If you feel that the pole is not tight, it will fall off when you pull it, take it off, turn it longer, and reinstall it until it is firm.

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