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Type of Window Openings

Feb. 09, 2022

Windows play an integral role in any home and it's important to take advantage of this as much as possible. You need to look at what you can do to make sure you get the best windows for your home. Believe it or not, there are many different types of windows to choose from, and each one operates slightly differently.

This is why it is important to make sure that you look at some of the different windows that are available and the different ways that they open. It is important to know the different windows you want before you get a quote. This is something that you need to consider as much as possible. Here are the top 6 types of windows that you should absolutely know about that open.

1. Side-hung

Side hung windows are one of the most popular types, with hinges on one side and a handle on the other. Simple and effective, these side-hung windows offer maximum utility, can be opened fully, and offer great security. The only downside to side-hung windows is that they can sometimes move under sufficient pressure, which is something to consider during strong winds.

2. Up- and down-hung

Up-hung and down-hung windows are similar to side-hung windows except that they have a horizontal axis at the top or bottom. These windows are specifically designed for ventilation and are usually not fully open for safety reasons. Ideal for classrooms and schools, they provide great security as well as ventilate the room.

3. Side-guided

Side-guided windows have many similarities to side-hung windows. However, the main difference here is the hinges used. Side-guided windows tend to move the sash when they are opened, so this brings beauty without visible hinges. This is a good choice for those who want to improve and enhance the aesthetics of their home.

4. Top Guide

Top guides are a very popular design for those wide, short top opening windows that open outward and upward with a handle at the bottom. These windows are a simple but effective design, keep this in mind when making your choice. They are stylish, but not necessarily the most practical choice for homeowners.

Roof window opening lever, telescopic opening lever can be used to open and close roof windows or skylights, ventilators and roof blinds. It allows you to control your roof windows without straining, reaching or standing on a chair!

It is compatible with all Dakea roof windows as well as Velux bottom-operated windows.

The telescoping opener bar works with all Dakea roof windows.

The opener bar opens/closes windows or vent valves and operates blackout shades or blinds when the window is out of reach.

5. Upward Swing

Similar to the top-directed window, but offering more functionality, the top-swing window can rotate nearly 180 degrees, allowing you to experience the full impact of the window. It allows you to better ventilate the room while making it easier to clean. Top-swing windows are not very common, as not all window manufacturers can make them. So it's worth asking about them in advance.

6. Tilt-turn

Tilt and turn windows are among the best and most popular types of windows in the UK because of their versatility. These windows run on two separate axes; tilt and turn, which makes them so attractive to consumers. This is basically a design that combines the best parts of side hung and down hung windows, which is something you need to keep in mind now.

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