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Things You Need to Know about Pruning Saws

Nov. 17, 2021

Pruning garden plants makes them look more attractive and also improves the health and yield of shrubs that are flowering or fruiting. When carrying out pruning work, you will get better results if you use the best tools for each part of the job. One important gardening tool is known as a pruning saw. If you have never used one before, you probably have a lot of questions. What is a pruning saw? What is the purpose of a pruning saw? Read on to find out all the information you need to get started with a pruning saw.


What is a pruning saw?

So what exactly is a pruning saw? Before you can start using a pruning saw, you need to be able to find one in your toolbox. A pruning saw is a tool with the same sharp teeth as the saws used to cut wood. But pruning saws are used for pruning live shrubs and trees. There are many types of pruning saws, each for a specific type of branch or stem. All types of pruning saws should have hard-point, heat-treated teeth, but they come in different sizes and shapes. It is easier to do a good job by using a pruning saw that matches the task at hand.

Telescopic Pole Saw

 Telescopic Pole Saw

What is the purpose of pruning saws?

They are designed to help you prune larger shrubs and smaller branches. If you want to know when to use a pruning saw, here's a good rule of thumb. If the branch or trunk you want to prune is under 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) in diameter, consider using a manual pruner. If the wood is that thick or thicker, it is prudent to use a pruning saw.


What are the different types of pruning saws? 

Pruning saws come in different sizes and types. Be sure that the pruning saw you use is the best match for the job you are dealing with. For branches that are too thick for a hand pruner, use a pruning saw. If the branch to be pruned is in a narrow area, use a pruning saw with a shorter blade.


For branches up to 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) in diameter, choose a curved pruning saw with fine teeth. For heavier branches, try a coarse-toothed pruning saw. Tall branches require a special tool called a branch pruning pole saw. These tools usually have a pole as tall as the gardener using it. 

It is expected to have a saw blade on one side and a curved blade on the other. The curved blade will be hooked onto the branch to be pruned. If you need to carry a pruning saw to prune trees, choose one with a blade that folds over the handle. This makes it easier and safer to use when you take it up the ladder.


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