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The Essential Cleaning Tools for Cleaning

Feb. 04, 2021

Time flies, it's time to celebrate the Chinese New Year ......

The new year is a new year, and it is a traditional Chinese custom to clean your home to welcome the new year.

So, the question arises, what are the cleaning goodies worth getting? Is not in the many cleaning supplies do not know how to start? Telescopic cleaning tools supplier will recommend the following cleaning goodies for you.

Household Telescopic Pole Duster

Cleaning tools

1. Extended rubber gloves

Winter cleaning, fingers for a long time in contact with water, wet rags, contact with cleaning agents, a few hours busy hands not only cold, finger skin will also be wrinkled and dry, especially hurt hands.

This winter, I bought a pair of chore gloves that I think are the best so far, not only are they longer, but they are also divided into sizes, so you can pick the right size according to the fatness of your hands; because they are longer, stains are not easily rubbed on the sleeves.

In addition, the mouth of the sleeve is fixed with snaps, so it is not easy to fall off when doing housework, the snaps can also be used as a lanyard to hang behind the kitchen door or bathroom door to dry when not in use, quite good.

2. Sponge dishwashing block

The dust and stains in the sliding window slot are not only difficult to clean with a rag, but also particularly unpleasant, is there?

Before every time when cleaning this area is a brain-damaged, toothbrush rag on the cleaning effect is not ideal; not long ago with the net friend learned a trick, the sponge dishwashing block according to the sliding window window slot spacing with a razor blade to open the gap, dipped in water with detergent, easy to handle the slot health, proper.

3. Household telescopic pole type duster

Cleaning under the cabinet of the most hands-free artifact is, of course, sweeping robots, but sweeping robots are not omnipotent, usually less than 10 centimeters under the low-footed cabinets, beds, sofas it can not enter; cleaning the health of these places can only move the furniture to sweep, very inconvenient.


Household telescopic pole duster with foldble and deformable chenille duster head, so it can clean ceiling fans, ceiling gutter, eaves, wall dust. The surface of aluminum telescopic pole is anodizing, therefore the telescopic pole has a good anti-corrosion effet, also it looks more textured and fill of luster. It is popular in household cleaning. The telescopic pole size usually is 9/12/18/20/24feet,we also accept customized szes. It is a durable and very reliable extendable pole. Tube wall with anti-selection design can prevent the pole from rotating during using, telescopic pole wit American thread it can be quickly connected and unloaded with duster. We only need to stand on the ground and wave the dust duster in our hands to clean the ceiling and walls, which is very convenient and safe. The structural design of the telescoping pole focuses on pursuing simplicity, and all parts are reinforced, so the failure rate of the product is very low.

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