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How to Open a Velux Skylight?

Jul. 15, 2022

Many homeowners and property developers go one step further to create healthy, bright and energy-efficient places to live. One of the incredible techniques they use is the installation of skylights. This is a window set at the same angle to the ceiling or roof that allows light in.


You cannot underestimate the benefits of installing skylights. Many people will focus on having a brighter, lighter home. However, there are many benefits to choosing quality velux skylights windows, skylight window openers and having them installed by the best professional roofing company near you.


Don't have any reservations about investing in and installing Velux skylights. These windows will bring many benefits to your home. Read on.


Skylight Opening Pole

 Skylight Opening Pole     

They are good for the environment and will reduce your reliance on electricity to light up your home. As a result, you will reduce your electricity bills in the long run, as there will be no need for heating.

Bring natural light into your rooms, adding positivity and vibrancy to your home.

Enhance the interior of your home by making it look more open and aesthetically pleasing.

They help to eliminate moisture and odours from your home through better ventilation.


The natural sunlight provided by skylights is good for your health. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress, and does other wonders for your body.

Increase the value of your home. If you are selling your home and have a skylight installed, many buyers will put your home first.

Telescopic Skylight Opener

 Telescopic Skylight Opener

Opening Velux skylights - what to know

The positioning of the skylight is essential. Sometimes you will want to open your Velux skylight. You will not be able to open them if they have not been installed by a professional.


It is important that the windows are installed in such a way that the structural integrity of the roof is not compromised. The skylight will be properly sealed to allow for easy opening. New homeowners may not know how to open a skylight effectively.


Skylights are a stunning feature of your home, especially if our balcony skylight system is in place. Most skylights are located out of reach, making operation difficult. This does not have to be the case with our telescopic skylight openers!


Skylight Opening Pole

 Skylight Opening Pole     

Use skylight extensions and window operator adapters to make those operable for energy saving purposes. High-level windows are perfect for catching light while providing privacy - but they can also be "excellent" heat traps. The heat rising into these areas can now be dissipated as easily as opening any other window in the home.


The telescopic skylight opener is inexpensive and can be easily retrofitted to existing or new window installations. By simply removing the existing crank and replacing it with a suitable window operator adapter, this velux skylight pole will open and close any operable skylight. There is no need to replace the current operator. Remember, you only need one of these telescopic skylight opener to operate all windows at the same height. 


Choose a skylight opening pole for the threshold mounted operator or the frame mounted operator. Other skylight opening pole lengths can be requested by special order. If you want to get more information about the best telescopic skylight opener price, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  




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