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How to Install the Telescopic Pole?

Feb. 24, 2021

The new telescopic pole is a retractable hollow cylindrical pole made of rolled metal strips or plastic sheets.

It is a retractable hollow cylindrical rod made of rolled metal strip or plastic sheet, characterised by the fact that the metal strip or plastic sheet is pre-shaped into an elastic curly layer with memory function smaller than the outer diameter of the rod, thus having a self-tightening function, so that the curly layer always has the elastic potential energy to exert pressure on the telescopic rod.

The middle body of the spring-type telescopic rod is a steel tube, and the two ends are non-slip rubber heads, which can be turned out as long as needed.

Like this, gently twist out,Since the wall pressure will press it in, it should be noted that the actual length of the elongated rod is 3-5 cm wider than the wall distance.

 Carbon Fiber Telescopic Extension Pole

Put the rubber head on the thick rod on the wall where you need to install, grab the other end with both hands and press it toward the thick rod. At this time, the spring in the rod will contract and naturally shorten, and you can move the other end to the desired position. The installation position is up, and then let go, the installation is complete.

In fact, if you want to wipe the glass clean, and wipe the glass water also has a great relationship, generally many people will just add a little detergent in the water to wipe the glass and then wipe with a rag or a cleaning cloth, but this is actually meaningless, because the dust and detergent foam still remains on the glass, and so on after drying or the same dirty.

Carbon fiber telescopic extension pole

Carbon fiber telescopic extension pole, with comfortable spongy Handle and all kinds of thread like American/Germany,ltalyl/etc.The pole materal is 50% carbon fiber in black, with the smooth tutbe wall is easy to use, also it looks more textured and full f luster.Because the thickness of the tube wall has reached the industry-leading 0.85/1m, it has enough toughness and length/lightweight,so it is widely used in window cdeaning.ts role is multifunctional, people usually use it for window cleaning)solar panel ceaning, such as the telescopic pole with water flow through brush. It is a durable and very reliable extendable pole.The structural design of the telescoping pole focuses on pursuing simplicity, and all parts are reinforced, so the failure rate of the product is very low.

Install the glass scraper on the telescopic rod head(the rod head has its own hread for easy disassembly and assembly) , and adjut the telescopic rod to a dlosedlength (the telescopic rod is equipped with a locking device for each section), and it is ready to use.

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