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Advantages Of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Brush

May. 13, 2021

There are many advantages of water pole window cleaning brush such as time efficiency, safety, etc.  The carbon fibre water fed pole supplier will share with you.

What is a carbon fiber telescopic rod?

The carbon fiber telescopic rod is an amazing invention and there is a great demand in the market. At present, these carbon fiber telescopic poles are a great and popular daily necessities. Sporting goods, electronic and electrical appliances, industrial equipment, transportation and energy, modern agriculture, production support, etc.; for example, you can use it directly as a household stand, build an awning, clean high places or remove the bundle of wooden boards.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Brush

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Brush

Previously, the old-fashioned ladders were built and designed at home for the purpose of achieving cleaning in the upper floors of buildings for security and safety. But now with this water fed pole window cleaning brush, three or four story buildings can be easily worked from ground level. These carbon fiber telescopic cleaning brushes can work to 60 feet or 30 meters of ground. Special pipes and brushes are used here, which can be cleaned correctly.

Advantages of carbon fiber telescopic rod cleaning brush

No need for ladders or scaffolding.

The carbon fiber telescopic pole cleaning brush works very well when cleaning windows. Now, windows can be wiped clean from the ground. But before, people used to climb up to high places to wipe windows. Therefore, there is no risk when cleaning the upper windows. Window cleaners do not need to use ladders when working at heights.

Safe and strict work at heights; regulations on the safety and security of window cleaners have been adopted. The statement says that window cleaning will start at ground level and follow this direction as much as possible.


Before people used detergents, there were two shortcomings. The first is that detergents are harmful to the environment. They contain a lot of plastic, etc. The second problem is the waste of water. Due to the presence of detergents, a lot of water is needed. This is a waste of water resources.

Now only water is used to clean windows. Therefore, the world environment is still safe. Moreover, less water is wasted because the purified water is already stored in the tank.


If you are cleaning your windows, you will see some people while you are cleaning, which can be embarrassing. Therefore, privacy is now strictly maintained. You don't need to climb up. You can clean the windows from the ground. This way you can see everything on the window.


This carbon fiber telescopic rod window cleaning brush is an ultra-fast system because the water circulation runs with the brush. Therefore, this system is efficient.


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